Mokon Stands the Test of Time

By Dan Healy

During a recent trip to a prominent pharmaceutical customer, I had the opportunity to discuss their interest in acquiring two new Mokon Class 1 Div 2 TCU’s. As we delved into the specifics of the units and their intended applications, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that Mokon had been specifically requested by the customer for this project. This request stemmed from their satisfaction with a Mokon unit purchased back in 2005, which continues to operate effectively in their plant to this day.

Despite initial plans by the customer’s chosen engineering firm to utilize European TCU’s for the project, the customer intervened and insisted on Mokon’s involvement. It was immensely gratifying to hear that the ethos of Mokon, encapsulated in our motto “Designed to Perform. Built to Last.” was being validated by this customer’s experience even after 18 years. 

This reaffirms our commitment to engineering excellence and underscores the enduring quality and reliability of Mokon products. It’s moments like these that truly inspire us to continue delivering solutions that exceed expectations and stand the test of time.